Benefits of baby massage

“As you massage your baby, every movement of your body will be an expression of your love” Vimala McClure

Baby massage brings benefits for both mum and baby. They include improved sleep, relieving constipation, excess wind, fussiness and colic.

Massaging babies is an ancient art that has been passed down from generation to generation for over 3000 years and in many cultures continues to be a routine part of daily baby-care. Baby Massage is known to nurture a baby’s development, enhance parent-baby interaction and promote bonding.

Positive Nurturing Touch

Touch is the first sense developed in the womb and touch is how your baby primarily experiences and communicates with their world. Your nurturing touch has an important role for easing the “transition from womb to world” for your new baby (Montagu 1986). Baby massage can be a wonderful extension of this natural impulse, whilst also enhancing the bonding process through skin-to-skin touch, eye contact, voice, smell and increased levels of oxytocin.

Feel Closer to your Baby

Being a new parent is so rewarding, but it can bring its struggles and feelings of self-doubt. After completing this beautiful course parents often feedback that they have a greater sense of confidence as a parent because they know and understand their baby more, and feel closer to their baby because of it, which is so lovely to hear.

Quality quiet-time getting to know each other.

In the IAIM, Baby Massage is not considered a treatment or therapy, it is a two-way communication; a dialogue between you and your baby. The most significant element to this dialogue of nurturing touch in any circumstance, is that it is carried out in synchrony with your baby, at all times.

​​This unique dialogue will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s communication. It also empowers you as a parent, for it gives you the means by which you become an expert on your own child, with the ability to respond according to your baby’s unique needs.

Creating your Unique Dialogue Together

Looking into each others eyes, hearing each other’s voices, feeling each others touch – creating your unique dialogue together.

Benefits for baby

Vimala McClure identifies four main categories of baby massage benefits:



Massage is one way you can provide your children with a relaxing, joyful experience which can last a lifetime.



The bond between parent and baby can be enhanced over time by the practice of infant massage.



The sense of touch is one of the earliest developed and most fundamental functions of the body.



In times of illness, a massage not only can comfort but can also help relieve painful symptoms.