About me

Hello! My name is Philli, I live in Haddington, East Lothian with my partner Jon and our two beautiful children, Ella and Leo. I am a qualified Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

I set up Massage Matters because I am hugely passionate about everything that Baby Massage offers and represents for parents, babies and the wider society.

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity of sharing this beautiful practice, and to be part of a parent and their baby’s world during what is one of the most important and special times of parenthood.

With my classes I want to offer something for the whole family, that dads, grandparents and other family members can also attend and enjoy. I want it to be a welcoming, nurturing environment, where you feel comfortable to enjoy time together with your baby and meet others over homemade cake, a chat and a cup of coffee.

Massage Matters Baby Massage classes are designed for parents who want to learn and practice an in-depth full body baby massage routine, encompassing principles of Indian massage, Swedish massage, reflexology and yoga, which will help relax and soothe baby.

Classes also involve theory and group discussion, providing the opportunity to make new friends and share ideas & experiences.

Philli Swindale

Shared vision

As part of the IAIM, Massage Matters believes that every parent and every child should have the opportunity to experience the lifelong benefits that baby massage brings, to ultimately promote a future generation with more family-centred values and compassion toward, and responsibility for each other.

International Association of Infant Massage

The International Association  of  Infant Massage (IAIM), was  founded in 1986 by Vimala  McClure.  Vimala was the first  person to develop a  programme for teaching parents how to massage their babies.  Through the IAIM Vimala has brought the ancient art of Baby Massage to the West, with over 60 countries now teaching her routine of positive nurturing touch.

Vimala’s simple and beautiful routine brings together a combination of Indian and Swedish massage traditions, incorporating the principals of yoga and reflexology to promote interaction and bonding, stimulation of the body systems, relaxation and sleep, and relief from ailments such as colic.